Saliva Diagnostic


Pop Test began with the creation of the world’s first saliva-based glucose test for diabetes. Its appearance is that of a lollipop that pops out of a color gauge card and uses visual interpretation. That’s where we got our name.

We achieved something that no one else has done-measuring salivary glucose down to the equivalent of blood glucose at <30mg/dl. With this accomplishment and the ability to measure small amounts of a constituent in saliva, we expanded the platform to saliva diagnostics for uric acid for gout, cholesterol for cardiovascular wellness and NASH/fatty liver disease. We also have a phone app that allows significantly finer discrimination of glucose levels.

How it Works

Touch saliva to test pad

Read test pads with smart phone app

App will break down each color by digital results

Lateral Flow Diagnostic


This product is a self contained, battery operated lateral flow device. It has built in audio and visual outputs and rapid result heat generating circuitry for immunoassay testing. It has the ability to add memory and logic as a modular system.